How to: Easily Manage School Scholarships. For free.

May 12, 2018

Scholars.Shop allows school scholarship facilitators to post their school scholarships and applications online, for free.


Scholars.Shop was created by a school counselor, and she knew the frustration of having to manage private organizations scholarships for them and making sure all the right students applied. With Scholars.Shop, students can see their specific school scholarships and easily apply in one centralized place. This also helped our founder keep students applications in one place and easily notify students if they were awarded the scholarship or not.


Our goal is to make facilitating scholarships just as easy for you and your students.

Here is how to post your schools scholarships and collect student applications all in one place




Step 1: Select and Associate with your School


1. Make an account using your school email address


2. Select your school

  One the Counselor home page after logging in, add your school. Click on the first input box under the ‘Add or Edit School’ heading. Click in the box to see if your school appears. If it does not, click the gray plus sign under the box to add your school. A pop-up box will appear asking what state you are in and from there you can type your school in and select it. Click the blue submit button once your school is selected.


   *NOTE: We have over 100,000 schools in our database. This means that it might take a few seconds for the pop-up form to appear. We apologize for the slow down.


3. Choose your state that your school is in

4. Choose your county



  All of your school information will disappear if you do not click the ‘save’ button before proceeding to another page.




Specifying your location through the above steps allows you to see scholarships that apply to your students.





Step 2: Post your School Scholarship


Now that you are associated as a school counselor for your school, you can post up to 3 scholarships that can accepting application at a time.


1. Navigate to the ‘Post & Edit’ tab in the header


2. Click the button ‘Add New School Scholarship for your School’


3. Create your scholarship and application

  Complete the questions regarding your scholarship details on the first page and create your custom application on the second page. Agree to the terms and conditions and your scholarship will be posted and ready to collect applications from your students!


*NOTE: To edit your scholarship criteria or application: Click the ‘Post & Edit’ tab in the header. Find the scholarship in the table, and click ‘edit’. To close a scholarship early, or disable it from appearing, you can edit the scholarship and change the scholarships deadline to a date that has already past. To start ‘accepting applications’ again for your scholarship, edit the scholarship and change the deadline date and save the new edits.



Now any of your students that have associated with your specific high school can see and apply for your scholarship you posted!





Step 3: Have Students Apply


You can do this several ways to help get the word out.


1. Invite students to apply

  Click the ‘Schools & Students’ tab in the header. Scroll down to find the ‘Add A Student’ header. Here, you can type in a students name and email and your student will be added to the platform where they will see the scholarship and can apply for it.


2. Share scholarship link on School Social Media, Newsletters or in a bulk email to students

  Copy and paste the link of the Scholarship details page URL and share it. To find the correct link, click ‘Post & Edit’ in the menu, then in the table listing your scholarships, click the link ‘Details & Share Link’. Once on this page, use the share button with the yellow icon or copy and paste the URL to share it through the desired method. Student then can navigate to this page and create an account to apply for the scholarship.


3. Scholarships on Naviance or other college planning tool

  If your school uses Naviance, you can copy and paste the link, as directed above, to the scholarship section in your schools Naviance. This will help students find the application link to your scholarship. If your school doesn’t use Naviance, we recommend using whichever communication method your school uses for college help to let students easily discover the scholarship application link.





Step 4: Review and Award Students Scholarships


1. Click the ‘Review Applicants’ tab in the menu


2. Click 'Review & Rate'

  In the table, your schools scholarship and students applications will appear. To review applications click ‘Review and Rate’ next to the students name.


3. To see the students personal profile, click on the students name