How to prepare for a Scholarship Interview

July 24, 2018


If you get called for a scholarship interview, then your application made an impression. You’re now one step closer to winning. Jump up and down, pat yourself on the back, shake the nerves out, do what you gotta do and then let’s get back to work. You got some interview prep to do!


---get yourself prepared for the interview to express yourself face to face and in front of the interview panel.


This will be your biggest chance to get the image you want to portray across the table and maximize your chances to land that scholarship!


Scholarship Interview Preparation

Do your research

You should always research the sponsors and the organization that is funding and hosting the scholarship. It will give you insight about what they are expecting of their ideal candidate. It also is helpful to do some further digging and see who their previous scholarship winners were. What kind of talents did they have? Do the schola