How to search for a scholarship

October 15, 2017

We heard far too often ‘scholarships are too hard to find!!’  Well, not anymore. We’ve created several features to find scholarships that YOU can ACTUALLY apply for. Crazy thought, we know. Use our student scholarship search to find:



Keyword search

Search by any keyword to find a scholarship that contains that word within it. Try searching ‘hair color’, ‘disability’, or ‘high achiever’ and scholarships will display according to the keywords that you searched.



Scholarship name

Did you hear about the scholarship from somewhere else? Did you see the scholarship a while ago and remember the name? This is a perfect feature to find scholarships by their name or even find a scholarship if you only remember part of the name.



Award amount

Typically, the more money the scholarship is offering, the more applicants it has. Use advanced scholarship search functions that lets you sort scholarships by ‘higher than’ or ‘lower than’ and typing the dollar amount. Do you only want to look for scholarships over $5,000? Try ‘Award amount’ ‘higher than’ ‘$5000’.



Due Date

Use our advanced search for scholarships based on their due date. If you need scholarship by a specific time, this would be a great tool for you since all our partners have agreed to award their scholarship within 60 days of the scholarship due date. If you need scholarship money by August 1st, try searching ‘Due date’ ‘is before’ ‘June 1 (using the calendar drop down)’.



Scholarship Type

Filter scholarships based on your next educational step. Looking for money for college, high school, a vocational program, or any other educational pursuit? This filter is extremely useful to make sure only scholarships that are relevant to you are populating in the search table.



Applicants per scholarship

One of our favorite advanced search tools! ‘Applicants per scholarship’ lets you search for scholarships based on how many people have already applied to the scholarship. This way, you know what kind of competition you are up against. Want to apply to a scholarship that is less competitive? Try ‘Applicants per scholarship’ ‘lower than’ ‘20’.




Pretty cool, huh? Well, we promise it's a little cooler when you search for scholarships yourself.



Not finding what you are looking for? Try combining and using different search features together to find even more refined scholarships. If the table appears blank, try using a different search filter or clicking ‘reset’ by the ‘Search’ button to reset your previous searches.


Want to search by another feature? Send us an email and let us know at !



Mission accomplished. Happy ScholarsShop finding!