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Here is how to post your schools scholarships:

Managing and promoting school scholarships is a large job. We know because Scholars.Shop was built by a school counselor.


Scholars.Shop was made to make the scholarship process at your school easier for both schools and students.


We save you time by providing a free place to list school scholarships, customize online school scholarship applications, and help you advertise and remind students of scholarships they are eligible for.


Manage your school scholarships for free using Scholars.Shop

List up to 2 of your school scholarships and collect and manage students applications in one place, for free.

Refer and encourage organizations to manage their scholarship through Scholars.Shop so that you don't have to.

Find other scholarships that are specific to your school, county or state. Be the rockstar on campus by notifying your students to apply on Scholars.Shop so they can earn scholarship money.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay or this?

No! This is completely free for school scholarship facilitators.

Do my students have to pay for this?

Absolutely not. Never. Not for one feature.

I manage more than 2 scholarships, is there a way I can manage all of them through my school account?

Yes! While we initially only let you manage up to two of your own schoalrships (which includes offering an online application for students to easily apply to and you can easily collect applications), you can list an unlimited amount. You can also increase the number of scholarships you are able to manage through Scholars.Shop by inviting and having other school counselors from other schools create accounts.

How do I see what local scholarships there are?

Click this link. Make sure you are logged in as a school counselor and also make sure you have your state, county and school information filled out. If one of those pieces of information is missing, the local scholarship page will appear blank.

How do I invite my students or other school counselors?

Inviting your students: The best way to do this is to login and navigate to the page 'Schools & Students'. At the top of the screen, enter the students name and email and we will automatically send your student an invitation. Invite other school counselors: Inviting counselors or scholarship facilitators at other schools is the best way to create a place where your students can discover all local and national schoalrships that they can apply for. To do this, login and use the button in the top right corner labeled 'Share Scholars.Shop!' on your home page.

How is Scholars.Shop different than Naviance scholarships?

On top of everything you do, how much time do you have to update build the best list of scholarships for your students? While Naviance offers a place for you to list scholarships, it also adds another thing for you to manage and update. On Scholars.Shop, you never have to worry about scholarships being outdated, updating links and details or trying to find more scholarships for your students to apply to. Each scholarship provider lists their own scholarship details and only scholarships that are currently accepting applications and have been approved by our team are posted on Scholars.Shop. For more on how Scholars.Shop is different to Naviance, see our full comparison post here. Even better, you’re not alone. All of us high school college counselors are working together to build this list of reliable scholarships to help each other and our students.