The alternate to Naviance scholarships - Scholars.Shop vs. Naviance Comparison

ScholarsShop is a scholarship platform used by districts, high schools, community-based organizations, parents, their students, and Independent Educational Consultants. For many schools and students, ScholarsShop can be used with or without Naviance to automate much of the scholarship process to make it easier for students and schools alike.

Scholars.Shop is able to help more students and families afford education by helping better connect students, schools and scholarship providers. We believe that by working together, we can make education accessible for all.

Why would schools use both ScholarsShop and Naviance?

ScholarsShop was initially designed to compliment and expand the scholarship tools on Naviance. Naviance has limited scholarships management and publicity features which creates a time-intensive process for school scholarship managers to update or list new active scholarships.

ScholarsShop automates much of the redundant scholarship management process by allowing outside organizations to list their own scholarships instead of this task falling on schools. This lets schools spend their time discovering and sharing opportunities with students instead of managing, updating or verifying each scholarship listing.

Let's look at what specifically makes Scholars.Shop different than Naviance:

Scholarship Matching

Scholarship Matching on ScholarsShop:

  • Search by local or national scholarships sorted by your school, county and state

  • Advanced scholarship search criteria or use any keyword

  • Custom sort scholarships by due date, type of scholarship and see how many students have already submitted an application

Manage School Scholarships

Save time managing school scholarships on ScholarsShop:

  • Easy Advertising & Communication -Auto notifies students of new scholarships, upcoming deadlines and changes in their application status

  • Reliable Technology - Students can submit online applications and you can easily collect and award students in one place

  • Invite Students to Apply - Suggest scholarships to specific students at your school

Easy & Reliable Local & National Scholarships

Collaborate and discover verified scholarships on ScholarsShop:

  • Save Time Updating Scholarships - You never have to update or adjust an outside organizations scholarship

  • Auto Activated & 100% Verified - All scholarships listed by individuals and organizations are verified by our team and updated by scholarship providers

  • Collaborate with other Schools - By referring outside scholarship providers to list their scholarship, you are helping other local counselors and students discover these scholarships

Free Scholarship Search, Listing & Management

Affordable for schools and scholarship providers:

  • Always Free to Use - Search, discover, and refer your students for local and national scholarships

  • Free School Scholarship Management - List & manage up to TWO open scholarships at the same time for FREE. That't right. Freeee.

  • No Subscription or Student Fees - Free to sign up, refer students, and no student fees (ever).

Refer a scholarship provider to list their scholarship today!

For more information on how ScholarsShop is helping counselors support students across the nation afford education, see the school counselor page here.

If you're ready to start saving time managing your schools scholarships, create an account now and start by filling in your school, county and state information.

We can't wait to have you in our Scholars.Shop community!