How to stop those pesky outside scholarship provider emails...

We spoke with over 50 universities at the NSPA conference in New Mexico a week ago. You know what every single college scholarship team said?

They are sick of receiving countless emails from scholarship providers asking them to post their scholarship for them!!! COUNTLESS EMAILS.

And, we don’t blame you.

Schools barely have time to manage all of their own scholarships and then on top of that half of the emails they do receive are from fake scholarship providers either scamming students or just wanting website with .edu addresses to link to their website to increase the companies merits.

We spoke to universities that had posted links to these scholarships they received emails from, and heard horror stories. A month later, some of these links turned bad. And by bad, we mean BAD.

We want to prevent this from happening to schools and we want to increase the awareness of good scholarships that students can apply to.

The solution?

Refer the scholarship provider to Scholars.Shop. Our amazing team of professionals filled with students and past scholarship managers from various organizations will:

  1. Verify and speak to each and every one who submits a scholarship to make sure each and every scholarship provider has given a scholarship before and WILL give a scholarship again. No. more. fake. scholarships.

  2. SAVE YOUR TIME! Instead of spending hours, or having your student workers spend countless hours going through scholarship providers outreach emails, we do that for your team.

  3. Combine your universities scholarships with outside scholarships. You can list your university scholarships for your students to discover, while also your students are able to see other private outside scholarships they could pair with the ones you offer!

How do you start eliminating these pesky outside scholarship provider emails? There are three easy and awesome options:

1. Email Response Blurb:

Copy and paste the following blurb into an email or auto response to send to scholarship providers who email you about their scholarship.

“To connect with our students via your scholarship, we are using Here you can easy list your scholarship for our students by submitting it via this link. Please contact the Scholars.Shop team at is you have any questions regarding your scholarship listing.”

2. Don’t Respond, Just Refer:

Instead of replying, copy and past their email address into this form, and we will send them an invite to post their scholarship on Scholars.Shop.

3. List Scholars.Shop link on your University Website:

Use the below short blurb to post a link to Scholars.Shop for both students and scholarship providers to discover, find and use!

"Scholars.Shop provides a platform to easily search, discover and apply for local and national scholarships. If you are a scholarship provider, you can post your scholarship here for our students to apply to."


Contact us at help@scholars.Shop or via our send a note through our yellow chat circle on this page.