How to raise money for your education

While designing, we wanted make the process as easy as possible for you to raise money for your education.

As a student, your time is limited. You are juggling school work, exams, college applications, trying to keep a social life and now trying to find the funds to pay for school. To make the process even easier for you we have laid out exactly what you need to get up and running to start collecting donations from friends, family and our sponsors and start winning scholarship money!

1. Create an Account on Scholars.Shop

Use this link to sign up and create an account. Although it requires your email to sign up, we are very aware that you don’t want emails from us every day. We allow you to set your email notification preferences for how often you would liked to be emailed from Scholars.Shop. Your email and personal contact information is also never shared with Sponsors or any other user.

Why this is important: By creating an account, you can protect and store all of your information easily, saving you time.

2. Complete your Student Profile

Click the ‘Edit Profile’ tab in the menu on top to locate your student profile. Here you will find 6 different sections to complete including; Financial Goals, Future Education, Current Education, Family & Demographics, Extracurricular, and Basics. We recommend filling out your student profile and each section to the best of your ability that you feel comfortable.

Why this is important: Potential sponsors see your profile details when choosing whether to donate money through crowdfunding your education and while reviewing your scholarship applications. Sponsors are more likely to award you money if they know more about you through your student profile.

Also, logged in Sponsors can search by specific terms of their choice , such as  ‘live on a farm’ or ‘reads fiction books’ to find students. From this, Sponsors can find student profiles that match their search terms, making your profile more accessible to donors who relate and are likely to donate to you specifically.

3. Link your Bank Account to Collect Funds for your Education

In the sub-menu under the main menu on the right side, click ‘Stripe Setup’. Once on this page, click the first button, ‘Connect Stripe’. You will then be taken to our payment partner, Stripe, who will safely collect your bank account information so that when a sponsor contributes to fund your education, it will be directly transferred to your bank account.

Why this is important: Without connecting your bank account, sponsors cannot award you scholarship money and Sponsors, friends and family cannot donate money to you.

4. Promote your Education Goals – You Deserve It!

You’ve worked this hard, so now it’s time to share with your friends and family and collect donations to reach your education goals! Click ‘Awards’ in the top menu. From here, click ‘Your Donation Link to Share’. Next, click the circle menu between your profile and the donation chart with the yellow share icon to choose how you would like to share your profile with your network. The more ways you share, the better!

On this page, you’ll see your student crowdfunding profile which includes; your name, city and state of your current location, your current education level, future education goal (what you are raising money for!), what your financial goal is, your ‘About Me’, your student video you made and a bar chart showing sponsors how much you’ve already raised. Because you are sharing this page publicly, we only include a select amount of information for sponsors to see.

Why this is important: Your network is powerful, and so is your story. If you are missing information on this page, make sure to navigate back to ‘Edit Profile’ in the main menu to your personal student profile to complete it before sharing this page. Friends and family that know you and your goals are more likely to donate to you than a random person is. Share your profile, and continuously share it with your network to keep collecting funds that will get you closer to your educational goals!

5. Apply to Scholarships!

Click ‘Search and Apply’ in the top menu. One this page, use the search filters to look for scholarships, or just scroll down below the search filters to start browsing the scholarship database. Click on scholarship names to see the specific scholarship details. Look interesting? Scroll down and click the ‘Start Application’ button. Here you will fill out the sponsors application by answering their custom questions. If you want to save your progress and come back to the application, click the ‘Save and Continue’ button at the bottom. You can then navigate off the page before submitting your application and return to it by clicking on ‘Applications’ in the main menu and then resume it by clicking on it under your Current Applications.

It’s important to note that when sponsors are reviewing your scholarship applications, they have access to see your student profile. Most of your profile information is shared with sponsors, other than your email address, address and phone number. The more complete your profile is, including an uploaded student video, the most likely you are to win the scholarship!

Why this is important: Although scholarships might require more work than crowdfunding, you might also win more award money. Sponsors here can connect with you, find out about your amazing goals and values that they probably share with you. Scholarships also give you the opportunity to connect with an individual or organization that wants to continue to fund your education success.

Get started today by singing up and following the outlined steps above for educational success! Share your story with us as at or tag us one Facebook or Instagram at for a chance for us to feature you on our social media channels!