• Anish Bajaj

How To Create A Free Scholarship Listing

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Scholarship providers can now reach more students by listing their scholarship for free on Scholars.Shop. Prefer to watch a 1 minute video instead of reading our awesome article? We understand, just click here.

A free scholarship listing helps students discover and apply for scholarships. Now scholarship providers are able to easily advertise their scholarship to the right students, counselors and communities.

Why a Scholarship Free Listing

By allowing companies, organizations, schools and scholarship providers to list their scholarships for free, we are working together to help more students. Whether a scholarship provider uses our flexible plans or free listings, we strongly believe in the importance of providing a place where students can easily search for free for real scholarships that are actually attainable.

Who can benefit from free scholarship listings?

If you manage a scholarship, listing your scholarship on Scholars.Shop might be for you.

Private Scholarships:

If you manage a scholarship for a company, organization, non-profit or other group and are looking to increase student applications, we recommend listing your scholarship for free on Scholars.Shop. This not only helps with marketing to students, but also to high school counselors.

School scholarship facilitators:

Two ways this can help you.

  1. If you get emails from companies or organizations asking you to publicize their scholarship, referring them to us can help both you and your students. We will verify the scholarship is real, and if approved, it will be listed on our site for your students to find. Easily accessible for your students, in one place. This saves you the time of vetting if it is real, managing it and the hassle of advertising each scholarship to your students.

  2. If you help manage scholarship funds at a school, then be prepared for us to become your new best friend. You can now list your scholarships for free, and create an online custom application where students can apply online instead of printing and handing in applications. This helps your students easier apply and saves you time advertising your scholarships. As an extra bonus, scholarship applications become much easier to manage as they will be in one place that is easily accessible and easy to award.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Once you are ready to list your scholarship through the Free Scholarship Listing page, click on List a Scholarship Now to answer questions about your specific scholarship. The following information is required to submit a free scholarship listing:

  • Scholarship Name

  • Scholarship application open date and deadline

  • Total number of students being awarded and the total scholarship fund award amount

  • Who the scholarship is for. For example, if your scholarship includes criteria such as specific schools, majors, or locations.

  • Student requirements for the student to apply

Note: Application not open yet? You can still submit your scholarship for a free listing and we’ll send you an email reminder a week before your application open date to make sure everything is still correct before your listing goes live.

Step 2:

Include the URL where students can find your scholarship application. This is an amazing opportunity to create backlinks to your website and increase your scholarships promotion to students. To learn more about backlinks click here.

Step 3:

Submit! Once you have submitted your free scholarship listing, it will be pending review and you are good to go! A Scholars.Shop team member will look over your free scholarship listing and notify you once it has been reviewed and approved to be listed on Scholars.Shop’s free scholarship search. To verify that it is real, a Scholars.Shop team member will call you to make sure there is a real person or organization behind your scholarship. Once approved, your scholarship will be discoverable for students to begin applying!

What’s the catch; Why is it free to advertise my scholarship?

There is no catch. Students will be able to freely search and find all scholarship listings on Scholars.Shop. We believe in connecting students to all real and accessible scholarships, and you are part of making that goal a reality.

Scholarships with applications hosted on Scholars.Shop will be listed above free listings. Free listings will not have a gold star next to them, indicating that they are not an ‘easy apply’ scholarship. Without a gold star, students have to go to a third party link in order to find the free scholarship listings application and cannot see how many other students have already applied or how long the application will take.

Are you looking to connect and help more students with your scholarship or just starting a scholarship? Learn more about how our flexible plans can help you increase your scholarship applications today!

Check out how to create a free scholarship listing here!

If you have feedback on how we can better help you, please feel free to email us at help@scholars.shop.