How to choose a student to award your Scholarship to

Are you ready to post a scholarship or looking for inspiration? Either way, we have you covered. Scholars.Shop offers options to restrict your scholarship to as little of a student applicant pool, or as large as you want through our various scholarship criteria and restriction options.

The options are endless because we want you to be able to portray your values clearly.

Below we’ve listed and explained some of the important scholarship criteria features on Scholars.Shop that let’s you set your student scholarships applicant pool.

Scholarship Awarded For…

This option lets you choose the kind of education your applicants are looking to attain and use a scholarship for.

Options include: 2-year college, 4-year college, Graduate school/program, high school, K-8th grade, certificate program, vocational program, GED, or other.

Three most important factors/beliefs

Tag and highlight your scholarships criteria by choosing 3 words or values. By doing this, student can easily search by keywords that you select and quickly find your scholarship. This also allows students to easily see if they would be . good fit for your scholarship. There are over 100 words to choose from with options ranging from GPA, sports, religion, hobbies, college majors, careers to even hair color or gap year! If you don

If you still don’t see a specific scholarship criteria word you are looking for to tag your scholarship, you can easily add one by using the plus button located below the dropdown.

Scholarship funds will go towards…

Here you have the choice to tell the applicant where exactly you would like the scholarship funds to go towards. If you wouldn’t like to place any restrictions, then no need to select anything.

Options include: Educational tuition and fee's, Textbooks, Educational supplies/equipment for courses, Room and board, Travel, Optional equipment, Payments for teaching, research, or other services required as a condition for a fellowship grant, or other.

Area’s to publicize your scholarship to…

This includes both geographically, and by the student’s education status. This would be a great scholarship listing feature to take advantage of if you are looking to provide a scholarship to a local public high school or a few public high schools.

In this case you would choose ‘Public High School(s)’ from the drop down. You are welcome to select more than one option from this box such as both public high schools or private high schools. If you do want to choose a specific high school to award your scholarship to, the scholarship listing page will ask you to choose that high school on the next page. You will then choose the state the high school is in and then you can start typing the name of the high school(s) and select them once they appear in the drop down. We have over 100,000 high schools in our database, so please allow for a minute of lag time as our database load the school you are looking to award a scholarship to.

Other options of areas to publicize to are: Internationally, Nationally, by specific U.S. States, Counties, Public High School(s), Private High School(s), Charter School(s), Current College Students, Middle School Students, Other

Special Scholarship Restrictions

If your scholarship has other restrictions that were not options above, this is the area to include them. An example of this would be if you would like to limit your scholarship to ancestry or have special conditions such as taking a specific class at their high school they must have taken.

Use this box to fully explain any restrictions that you would like to place on the scholarship and for students to know before they apply.

The above options were created to ensure your values come through clearly when posting your scholarship. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get the right kind of applicants you are looking for whether you are an individual, small organization or a large organization.

Interested in reaching more students with your specific scholarship criteria? Learn more about our free scholarship listing and our flexible paid plans to help you reach more students with your scholarship.

If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear from you!

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