The Scholars.Shop Story

Why we do, what we do

We believe that every single person deserves equal access to education.

Regardless of their background, regardless of who their parents are, and regardless of who tells them they can't.

Scholars.Shop believes that the way to do this is through building a better place to connect students, schools, communities and scholarship providers. 


Through two main forms of debt free education, scholarships and crowdfunding, we are equipping all Scholars.Shop users to work together to build a world where education is accessible for all.

Meet our Founder


Hi, I'm Sam.


I'm one of many things, but when I got to the breaking point and found my motivation to build what is now Scholars.Shop, I was a frustrated college counselor working with high school seniors. I'll spare you most of the details, but as a spoiler alert, my frustrations that lead me here looking like a stock photo on this page didn't just come from working with teenagers all day.

As a community, we know how important education is and the impact it has on the world. It reduces poverty, increases healthy lives, boosts economic growth and increases income and equality. Education is the means to a better future.

Knowing this, and helplessly watching my students sift through unattainable scholarships for their $65,000 per year education was, horrifying. As a College Counselor working with struggling students and also being the middleman for scholarship providers to connect with students who fit their profile, I knew there had to be a better way.

Fast forward, in consideration for your time, Scholars.Shop was built. Here, we hope to not only provide a means for scholarships and making higher education more attainable, but also a way for everyone to be part of the cause. Just as Scholars.Shop wouldn't exist without the help and support of the people and team around me, education and its benefits to our society can't move forward without your help.

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Core Values & Mission

Improvement  -  Transparency  -  Teamwork  -  Follow Through  -  Individual Empowerment

Our mission at ScholarsShop is to increase access to education by eliminating financial barriers.

Scholars.Shop is a proud member of NSPA

Scholars.Shop is a proud member of the National Scholarship Providers Association